The introduction to Yagi’s Blog

2012 年 3 月 5 日 コメントをどうぞ コメント

[The following is the introduction to Yagi’s Blog]

It is our great pleasure to include an interesting review in our publication: A Historical approach to entropy, Collected papers of Eri Yagi and her coworkers with a Supplement: A Database from R.Clausius’s Abhandlungen I -XVI, written by Mr B. Ramesh an independent researcher from Sriam Nagar in India. The above publication, was mainly published with Eri Yagi’s personal funds in 2002.  Copies were distributed among libraries and institutions in Japan, Europe, and the US where she had worked on her research on the mechanical theory of heat, and also to researchers in the field with whom she had exchanged publications and information. In addition to the above mentioned, the book with the supplement was sold at the price of 5,000 yen for the hard cover edition and 3,000 yen for the paper-back edition. The proceeds from the book have been donated to the NPO, of which she is a member. See

Recent international rise in the value of the Japanese yen has made the above price unexpectedly high, which young researchers and independent historians. can no longer afford.  So I (Yagi) came up with some solutions, namely, by either of the following 2 ways, one can receive our publication for free:

1) If one transfers our publication to any kind of public library after one reads it, or lets me know the address of the public library to which I would send the publication.

2) Write some comments (book review) about our publication after reading it and send the comments to us for our Blog.

This review by Mr B. Ramesh is the first such contribution as per our above request.  We welcome additional requests for our publication.  Please contact  me at the following email address:

Thank you for your attention. (Dec, 24, 2011, Eri Yagi )