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In order to Prof.Emerita Yagi’s request, the “Publication List” page has been modified today, which you can see from the tab-bar at the top of this blog.

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Added new pages

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In order to Prof.Emerita Yagi’s request, I added the new pages of our books’ reviews, which you can see from the “books’ reviews” tab-bar at the top of this blog.
Here are the URIs of the pages;
the introduction to Yagi’s Blog
Books Review by B.Ramesh
Please feel free to let us know by the comment system below if you have any comments on this.
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Eri Yagi’s Message concerning the Higashi-Nihon Earthquake (20 March 11)

2011 年 3 月 22 日 Comments off

This message from Prof.Emerita Eri Yagi to her friends and colleagues was posted by Rika Okamoto who was an admin of this Blog.

My dear friends and colleagues around the world,

Thank you so much for your kind inquiries into my situation since the Higashi-Nihon (Tohoku-Kanto) earthquake, which occurred in the afternoon of the 11th of March. I did not suffer so much from it because my area was not so seriously damaged compared to those areas along the Pacific Ocean in Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima Prefectures.

I was at my work place, Room 404 in Kawagoe City in Saitama Prefecture at the moment of the earthquake, which caused some vibrations to the floor, but only one wooden card frame fell down, and even that was not “kaput (broken)”. The gas, water, and electricity supplies were OK. The only trouble was that the commuter trains (40minutes) to return to my house (which is located in Toshima-ku in the central part of Tokyo) were all canceled in order to check for damage on the 11th. So I returned home the next day. My house facilities were also OK although a vase was on the floor, however, also without becoming “kaputt”.

Today our difficulties are lack of electricity in the Kanto area (including Tokyo), which have been caused by several damaged facilities, including nuclear reactors in the Tohoku area. The time limit (3hours) black-out schedule (for 5 local areas) just started on the 14th, which also has included less frequent commuter train time schedules. Fortunately, the central area of Tokyo (where my house is located) is free from the black outs. However, my work place, Room 404 in Kawagoe City has been classified under the Group 2 with black outs 2 times per day.

The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant has 6 reactors, among which 4 have been seriously damaged. Especially, the temperature of the No. 3 reactor’s container for used material has been very near to arriving at the critical point. In order to make it cooler quite an amount of seawater has been provided from the outside by the use of helicopters and special types of fire engines since the 17th. This morning (on the 20th), the Tokyo Electric Company announced the recovery of electric power supply to reactors 1and 2, which still need the interior facilities checked. People living within a 30-kilometer radius have been evacuated. Presently, I expect the effort by the Tokyo Electric Company could be successful.

In spite of the above situation, I am fine and continuing the translation of Clausius’s important 7 papers on the mechanical theory of heat from German to Japanese. Our group will complete the first draft for publication by the Tokai University Publications in early April. I am planning to deliver a talk titled, “The important role of particles through the development of the mechanical theory of heat,” at the Boscovich Conference 2011 in Pavia, Italy, September 8th-11th. After that I will travel to Berlin, and Koszalin, Poland, to participate at the celebration of the Clausius Tower whose establishment began in 2009.

Thank you again for your heart-felt interest in my situation under the current situation in Japan. I deeply appreciate your kindness.

(posted by Rika Okamoto)

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“Publication List” has just been updated!

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You can see to click the Tag, named “Publication List,” above this page.
We relesed the recent information on our publication, around years 2009 and 2010.

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Our Latest Paper’s Abstract Uploaded!

2010 年 9 月 15 日 Comments off

Please click the menu bar above, named “Abstract (2010)”, which contains the PDF file of our paper’s abstract.

We welcome your valuable comments on it!

Please feel free to write us from the comment system below.

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The 23rd ICHS Budapest 28 July- 2 Aug. 09

2009 年 12 月 29 日 Comments off

Our paper on Clausius was delivered on the 29th July at the front of 50 people among who 5% were Japanese. Our technical term analysis attracted some interests, especially the term “Disgregation (degree of dispersion)” because of the micro nature in thermodynamics.

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Our final remarls at the ICHS, July 29 ’09

2009 年 7 月 25 日 Comments off

Through Clausius’s special technical term analysis,the term “disgregation” was recognized its important role. This indicates the micro character of thermodynamics from the beginning. Eri YAGI

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ICHST 2009

2009 年 7 月 9 日 Comments off

I will deliver a talk at the 23th International Congress of history of Science & Tecnology, Budapest in the evening sesssion on 29th,July,’09. The title is “a history of entropy,” for those interested, Please come. Eri YAGI

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Our re-new site has been launched!

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According to site contract, “,” which our web site, had been closed for a while.
Now we have settled down for it.

Thanks a lot for all of the people who develop the CMS, “WordPress”.

Please enjoy our renewal Blog !

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